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Terms and Conditions

We aim to please!

Please review our sale terms and conditions, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

All prices are US Dollars, FOB our plantation in Andover, NY.   Customers will be required to give 25% deposit  when the order is placed.  Balance is due on delivery or at the time of pick up unless other arrangements have been made.  The customer agrees to pay  each invoice from Kent Farms, Inc., within the terms stated on the invoice. 


We extend credit after we have had enough experience with  a customer to feel that we have a good working relationship.  We require a credit application with trade references.  We also refer to the American Nurserymen’s Credit Association before making the final decision.  For those customers who do not pay within the agreed upon credit terms, i.e.,  late payments or refusing to pay finance charges,  we revert back to COD. 2% Cash-Good Check Discount if check
is given to the truck driver at the time of delivery.

Credit Cards

We accept most major credit cards, Master Card, Visa and American Express. 


Cancellation requests must be received  by us before the plant material is dug.  If you cancel after the material is dug,  we will hold you responsible for the order and bill you accordingly.  If we are able to sell the material, we will credit you for whatever part of it we are able to move. 

Sales Tax

We are required by New York State to have on file a completed “Sales Tax Exemption” form for each customer.  We will furnish you a form when the order is placed.  All of the trees listed in the price list are of #1 quality (unless otherwise specified) and conform to the guidelines as described in the American Standard for Nursery  Stock.  If you need something
different than the standard, let us know before we quote the material.  We will put all the information in the quote.  Then you review it and let us know if we are on the same page.  

Our Trees

Our “Conservation Grade” trees are available in most species and sizes.  We can furnish them in two different configurations. 

  1. They will have a good face and a poor back.  These are excellent for screening or places where you can tolerate one side with a hole or a flat spot.  
  2. We can also furnish trees that are good all the way around, but have a light density.

    These trees will have the natural layered look.  Both are the same price, you tell us what you want.

Specimen plants available for an additional 20%.  Our specimen plants are as close to perfect as Mother Nature allows. 

Shipping and Delivery

We can arrange trucking to most locations.  We use a local company, R.S. Maher and Sons.  They have been very reliable and are experienced with nursery stock.  They have all the right equipment to get the job done.  You can contact them directly at 800-255-1543 or we can handle that for you.  However, our  responsibility ends when the trees are loaded on the truck.  If breakage or damage occurs  in transit or if the plants are distressed through a delay in transit, a claim should be made directly to the trucking company immediately.  If there is a problem with the count or anything else, note it on the trucking company "Bill of Lading" or respond in writing within 24 hours and call us immediately. 

We aim to please!