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About Us

Kent Farms, Inc. is a fourth generation family farm located in the
Southern Tier of Western New York.  The farm encompasses 1325 acres of
rolling hills and deep valleys.  The farm was started in 1939 by
Edward L. Kent.  He raised potatoes for local markets.  His son Donald
joined him in 1946 after WWII. The farm grew from a few acres to
several hundred.

It continued to grow into the '60s and reached its current size of
1325 acres. Tom and Kathy Kent joined the farm in 1971.  Crops evolved
from potatoes for local table stock to Certified Seed Potatoes,
Certified Seed Grain, Christmas trees, ball and burlap nursery stock,
pumpkins for retail sales at the pumpkin patch, and sweet and field

As the times and economy changed, the farm had to change, too.  Edward
came to the farm in 1998 after graduating from Cornell University. His
brother Joseph came to the farm in 2000 after graduating from Alfred
State College.

Potatoes were phased out in 2003 and the major enterprise became the
nursery stock business.  Everything was going well until the economy
tanked in 2008.  The nursery stock
business steadily declined with the economy.

More emphasis was put into the retail and entertainment enterprises.
Ed drastically increased the pumpkin patch and Christmas tree
enterprises. Joe started doing dice runs for ATVs in 2008.  Over the
next two years, Ed and Joe created new trails and made improvements to
the facilities.

In 2010 the park was officially opened seven days a week for riders of
ATVs, dirt bikes and UTVs.  Since then, the park has continued to grow
and now has over seventy five miles of
trails, a motocross track, an obstacle course, a snack bar, cabins and